The Live Report on the vaccination of COVID-19 in Wudalianchi UNESCO Global GeoparkRelease date:2021-03-22

4200 persons have got vaccination since January 9th, 2021 when Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark started the work of vaccination of COVID-19

All local citizens between the age of 18 and 59 who have no pregnancy, no anaphylactic reaction to other vaccination, no convulsion, no epilepsy, no head disease, no mental disease, no fever, no acute disease, no serious chronic disease can get free vaccination of COVID-19.

How do people feel after they get the vaccination? Let’s go and see.

“Do you have high pressure?” “Please keep one meter distance from each other.”. Some staff in the local Health Service Center are guiding the persons for vaccination. Every work is going smoothly.

Ms Luo:“I had the first vaccination just now, and I feel very well.”

According to the staff of local Center for Disease Control and Prevention, registration area, vaccination area and observation area are set in the local Health Service Center so that people can get the vaccination safely.

Please pay attention to the following notice before vaccination.

Please bring your ID card. Please wear loose clothes. Please wear masks.

Please provide your health condiditons to the staff.

Please stay in the Center for 30 minutes after vaccination and leave the center if you don’t have anything uncomfortable.

Althouth some people have got vaccination, citizens can’t relax themselves in the prevention of COVID-19. They still need to frequently wash their hands, open the windows everyday, wear masks and not gather.

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