Building Strong Defense Lines for the Forestry SafetyRelease date:2021-03-23

Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark has entered the period of Spring Fire Prevention since March 15, 2021. The patrol men in every forestry center came to their position half a month ahead and guard the forest day and night.

Every patrol station is responsible for the registration of all cars going into the forestry area. Patrol men check if there are kindling materials on these cars. This sets up the first defense line for fire prevention.

Daily patrol is the second defense line for protecting the forest. Patrol men each of whom has his own responsible area check in the forest on foot every day. They are measuring numerously the land with their footstep.

The control tower is the third defense line. Patrol men can see fire at the first time when checking from a height.

The patrol men takes the forestry center as home. They make public fire prevention knowledge and protect wild animals. They become fire fighters once there happens some fire. These men who work quietly and never show off have built strong defense lines for the forestry safety in Wudalianchi.

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