Activities of World Earth Day in WudalianchiRelease date:2021-04-23

On 22 April 2021, the Earth Day activity themed “Cherish the Earth, Harmony between Man and Nature” was launched in Wudalianchi Volcano Museum, which was organized by Natural Resources Bureau, Education Bureau and Volcano Museum of Wudalianchi.

Students from No.1 Middle School of Wudalianchi Global Geopark were delighted to visit the photography exhibitions of various geoparks in the world.

In the hall of Wudalianchi Volcano Museum, bonus quiz and other activities were arranged for students. Students could scan the QR code and answer questions. Correct answers would be awarded with tickets of other 18 Geoparks. In the afternoon a lecture on environment protection was given to the students in Wudalianchi Volcano Museum. On-site teaching, interactive games and video exhibition were well received by students.

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