Enjoying Flowers and Beautiful Scenery and Tasting Delicious Food--The Flowers and Food Way of Wudalianchi Global GeoparkRelease date:2021-05-03

    The first Flowers and Food Way of Wudalianchi Global Geopark attracted lots of tourists on May 2.

    On the square of Longmen Stone Village local residents performed the traditional folk dance-Yangko.Staff of Wudalianchi formed the shape of rhododendron simsii which is in its full blossom in May Day. Beauty in Chinese traditional clothes was wandering about in Longmen Stone Village.Daur old man was playing horse head fiddle. Photographers and artists recorded this beautiful moment in their own way.

    Local delicious food was also provided in the activity, such as mineral spring Tofu, mineral spring fish, mineral spring beer and mineral spring eggs.

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