The Ctrip Group made an on-the-spot investigation in WudalianchiRelease date:2022-01-17

    A representative of 9 persons from Ctrip Group made an on-the-spot investigation from January 13 to 14, 2022 in Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark.

    The group visited North Spring, the construction site of Health Tourism Center, the Volcano Museum and Laohei Volcano。Zhang Xue, the Deputy Secretary of Wudalianchi introduced in detail Wudalianchi to the group. The group said that the Ctrip Group would put forward more diversified products in tourism development, hotels booking and pre-sale tickets according to local tourism and mineral spring resources.

    The two sides also had a wide communication in promotion of tourism service, enterprise management, live-streaming sales. The Ctrip Group issused Wudalianchi the honor of the best scenic areas in Ctrip’s public praise list.
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