The Autumn Festival was Open in WudalianchiRelease date:2021-09-17

Wudalianchi Autumn Festival was open on the morning of September 17, 2021. Leaders from Heilongjiang Province and Heihe City, journalists from CCTV and other medias, representatives from other geoparks and tourism companies took part in the opening ceremony of the Autumn Festival.

Liuyang, the Director of Wudalianchi Administration Committee, introduced to all guests the valuable resources of Wudalianchi in the tourism promotion conference.

There are such activities in the Autumn Festival as tourism promotion,photographing, enjoying the glorious of full moon,art performance, climbing in Double Ninth Festival. Viewing Wudalianchi in a helicopter, red tourism, body building tourism are promoted.

The following internet famous site are also promoted to tourists: Huoshan Volcano, Laohei Volcano, Stone Ape, Crystal Palace, Wohu Volcano, Longmen Stone Village, North Spring, Star Tunnel in the Museum.

           Later Wudalianchi signed cooperation contract with Trip Group and other tourism companies.

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