Tour in Wudalianchi in HelicopterRelease date:2021-07-09

   To tour in Wudalianchi in Helicopter has begin in Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery 300 meters high in the sky.

    A new AC311 helicopter attracts a lot of tourists in the Holy Water Suqare. AC311 helicopter is for civil use and is widely used in signtseeing, flight training, personnel transportation, aerial photographing and law enforcement by police. It can contain 4 tourists once.

    There are four air lines: Experience Line, the Secret of Volcanic Barrier Lakes Line, the beautiful scenery of Volcanic Barrier Lakes Line, Overall view Line.

    The heiicopter tour is divided into three parts. The first part includes air tourism, air science popularization, air pohtographing. Besides the contents of the first part, air bases will be set up in the second part. More helicopter will be added in the third part.

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