The first Volcanic Mineral Spring Forum was held in WudalianchiRelease date:2021-06-16

    The first Volcanic Mineral Spring Forum was held in Wudalianchi on June 12, 2021. Leaders and experts from China Mining Association and its Natural Mineral Water Committee, national leading mineral water enterprises all gathered in Wudalianchi to lay out plans for the conservation, development and utilization of mineral water in Wudalianchi.

    The following people took part in the Forum, Gu Qiming, the President of China Mining Association,Wang Dongchun, the General Engineer from Department of Industry and Information Technology of Heilongjiang Province, Tian Tingshan, the Researcher from China Geological Survey, Liu Qingxuan, the Secretary-General of Natural Mineral Water Committee, Tangjie, the professor from Jilin University, Li Guocheng, the General Manager of Riduo Hot Spring Resort of Lhasa, Pang Zhenguo, the General Manager of Brand Management Department of Jiaduobao-Kunlun Mountain Mineral Spring Company, Wang Yanyan, the Vice President of Product Research Institute of Changbai Mountain Mineral Spring Company of Evergrande Spring, Lin Zhenwei, Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Runtian Co., Ltd., Liuyang, the Director of Wudalianchi Global Geopark Management Committee.

    Attendees in the Forum made such reports as The Development and Future of Mineral Water Industry Home and Abroad. The Scientific Conservation and High Utilization of Mineral Water. The Importance of Medical Spring in Mineral Spring Industry. The Quality and Future of Mineral Water in Wudalianchi. They had a discussion on such topics as How to develop and utilize the medical spring in Wudalianchi, How to build an international health recuperation town.

    Wang Yanyan made a suggestion that the spring in Wudalianchi comes from 220m depth underground and that should avoid from being polluted.

    Lin Zhenwei said that Wudalianchi should produce high quality mineral water in the fierce competition.

    Li Guocheng suggested that Mineral Water Company in Wudalianchi should have their own production standard. The biggest advantage of mineral water in Wudalianchi is that there is no chemical ways to disinfect water during production.

    Tian Tingshan hoped that local government should development the mineral water culture.

    Pang Zhenguo said that the conservation of ecology should be put in the first place during the development of mineral water.

    Tian Tingshan, Tangjie, Li Guocheng, Lin Zhenwei, Pang Zhenguo and Wang Yanyan were specially invited as the experts on mineral water development, and Liuyang  issued certificates for them. Feng Shuxue, the Vice Director of Wudalianchi, signed cooperation contracts with these experts.

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